Museum Folkwang
Then 3
  • Roni Horn
  • Then 3, 2006

  • Red pigment, varnished
  • Paper 234,9 x 241,3 cm
  • Acquired in 2007 with support of the Alfred und Cläre Pott-Stiftung
  • Inv. C 1/07
  • CommentaryRoni Horn’s large format works on paper such as ‘Then 3’ (2006) and ‘Through 7’ (2008) are characterized by being based on drawing partially destroyed in the creative process to allow a new discovery of forms. Starting point are sheets on which linear drawings are made with colored pigment powder and then fixed with varnish. Roni Horn then cuts these sheets into pieces and re-assembled them. The result are dense works of lines that cross and penetrate each other, leading the viewer to the question of what the original drawing looked like.
    The original form for the drawing ‘Then 3’ was of two long lines, completely separated, entangled in themselves, each forming a closed system. In the final work, parts of these two lines were exchanged so that the originally separate areas are now inseparably woven together. This aspect of isolation and integration often plays an important role in Roni Horn’s works, not least in his often two-part plastic works.
  • Provenance1907, Hauser & Wirth, Zürich
  • Obj_Id: 10,138
  • Obj_Internet_S: Highlight
  • Obj_Ownership_S (Verantw):Department of Prints and Drawings
  • Obj_SpareNField01_N (Verantw): 186
  • Obj_Creditline_S: Grafische Sammlung
  • Obj_Title1_S: Then 3
  • Obj_Title2_S:
  • Obj_PartDescription_S (Titelerg):
  • Obj_SpareMField01_M (Alle Titel): Then 3 Then 3
  • Obj_Dating_S: 2006
  • Jahr von: 2,006
  • Jahr bis: 2,006
  • Obj_IdentNr_S: C 1/07
  • Obj_IdentNrSort_S: C 0001/07
  • Obj_Classification_S (Objtyp): Drawing
  • Obj_Crate_S: Paper 234,9 x 241,3 cm
  • Obj_Material_S:
  • Obj_Technique_S: Red pigment, varnished
  • Obj_SpareSField01_S (Mat./Tech.): Red pigment, varnished
  • Obj_AccNote_S (Erwerb): Acquired in 2007 with support of the Alfred und Cläre Pott-Stiftung
  • Obj_PermanentLocation_S (Standort): Internal Exhibition: Sammlung 20. und 21. Jahrhundert, Neubau
  • Obj_Condition1_S (Druckerei):
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  • Obj_Subtype_S (Genre):
  • Obj_Rights_S: © Roni Horn

1907, Hauser & Wirth, Zürich