Museum Folkwang
»Our age has a new sense of form« – Graphic Arts in the 1920ies
Eduardo Chillida: ›Aundi‹
HAP Grieshaber. Graphic Series
Ernst Barlach: ›The Dead Day‹Image Series of 27 Lithographies on E. Barlach's Drama ›The Dead Day‹
Jill Baroff: ›New York Harbor March 31 - April 30 2005‹, 2005/2006
Paul Gangolf: ›Metropolis‹, 1922Image Series of 9 Lithografies on the theme ›Metropolis‹
Walter Gramatté: ›The Rebel‹, 1918Image Series of 4 Etchings on Manfred Georg's Tale ›The Rebel‹
Walter Gramatté: ›Lenz‹, 1924/25Image Series of 13 Etchings on Georg Büchner's Tale ›Lenz‹
Walter Gramatté: ›Wozzeck‹, 1925Image Series of 12 Etchings on Georg Büchner's Drama ›Woyzeck‹
Erich Heckel: ›The Ballad of Reading Gaol‹Image Series of 12 Woodcuts on Oscar Wilde's Ballad
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: ›Sakuntala‹Image Series of 5 Lithographies on Kalidasa's Drama ›Sakuntala‹
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: ›Peter Schlemihls Amazing History‹Image Series on A. von Chamisso's Tale
Andreas Köchler – Watercolours
Stefana McClure: ›The Blue Planet‹, 2008
Drawings of the 19th Century – Composed Reality around 1800
Drawings of the 19th Century – Castles and Forest Landscapes
Drawings of the 19th Century – Mountains
Drawings of the 19th Century – In the Light of Italy
Drawings of the 19th Century – Detailed Studies on Landscape and Nature
Drawings of the 19th Century – Heroic Landscapes